KW-821-DZ400 continuous dyeing and finishing machine for sling webbings

KW-821-DZ400 Continuous Dyeing And Finishing Machine For Sling Webbings


Item No: KW-821-DZ400

Size:    11000*1000*4000mm

This is high speed Sling webbings/tie down straps/lash straps continuous dyeing&finishing machine


Application: The dyeing machine is especially used for dyeing textile lift slings,tie down straps,lash straps and Heavy duty belts with elongation.

Product capacity: 1-4 Pcs/time, 0-15meter/min/Pcs

Can dye both 350mm width sling webbings,heavy duty webbings,tie down straps,lash straps,etc.

With strong elongation function.

For 300mm width webbings:1 meter go into dyeing machine,1.02meter come out after dyed.

For 50mm width webbings:1 meter go into dyeing machine,1.06meter come out after dyed.



Heat System       electrical/LPG or natural gas

Working Width(mm)        400

Thermofixation Chamber Tape Content(m) 60

Maximun Speed(m)   15

Maximun Number(m)   4

Control system       Computer control


Processes: Feed in-dyeing groove-Infrared pre drying-hold mangle-

thermofixation-cooling system-pull mangle-take off

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