High temp ink label ribbons automatic screen printing machine

It's high temperature mini- Automatic (electronic) label ribbon screen printing machine. the characteristic as below details: 1) It can print any kind of roll to roll material, such as label ribbons,satin ribbons,lanyard ribbons,elastic tapes, heat transfer; film,shoes laces, heavy duty webbings and so on; 2) It's widely used by the world biggest narrow fabric printing manufacturers,such as PAXAR/AVERY-DENISSION/SML/ESQUEL/SHORE TO; SHORE/ITL/STRETCHLINE and so on; 3) it can precisely print multi-colors design,and multi-lines feeding; 4) One operator need only; 5) It came into the global market in 2010. Model NO TS-150 Printing Area 150*300mm Voltage 380V/50HZ Printing linest 3LINES/ TIME Weight 600KG MAX. Speed /H  15m/min/Line Max. Power 20KW/380V/3P/50 Hz Size 2.7M * 0.85M* 1.6M Printing Side single side Frequency 50/60Hz Driven Type Electric  Machine Configuration Total Colors Model Single/Both Sides Printing Lines Max Printing Area Dimension 2 C 1+1 Both 3Lines/3.5cm 150X300mm 2200X850X1600mm 2+0 Single 3Lines/3.5cm 150X300mm 3155X850X1600mm 3 C 2+1 Both 3Lines/3.5cm 150X300mm 2700X850X1600mm 3+0 Single 3Lines/3.5cm 150X300mm 3155X850X1600mm 4 C 3+1 Both 3Lines/3.5cm 150X300mm 3850X850X1600mm 4+0 Single 3Lines/3.5cm 150X300mm 4760X850X1600mm

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