Seatbelts/Safety belts continuous dyeing and finishing machine KW-800-AQS200



This is a kind of High Speed European Standard Single End Automobile Seatbelt/safety webbings continuous dyeing and finishing machine.

Single End

High speed

With Elongation

with Calender function

With Computer

Our Patent.

High efficinecy


1)Application: The dyeing machine(with PLC) is especially used for dyeing single-end type Automobile Seatbelt/Safety webbing with European standard requirement.with elongation and relative calender function.

2)Processes: Feed in →J-BOX →Accumulator →dyeing padder→Hot Air Chamber→Hold mangle→Thermosal  Chamber→Heavy duty CalenderPull Mangle→Chemical padder→Hot Steam ChamberWashing tankHot Air ChamberCool SystemChemical padder→Infrared PredryingHold mangle→Final hot air chamber→Heavy duty CalenderPull Mangle→Cool System→Take off


3)Production capacity:1 pcs/time,0-70meter/min/pcs. or 2PCS/time, 0-30meter/ min/pcs.

4)thermofixiation chamber webbing content:240meters/70meter.

2)Production capacity:1-12pcs/time,0-35meter/min/pcs.

Heat Systemelectrical  |LPG or natural gas  |steam
Working Width(mm)200

Thermofixation Chamber Tape Content(m)240

Maximun Speed(m)70

Maximun Number(m)1

Control System

Computer control( PLC & Touch screen)

Elongation Rate5% Minimum, 19% Maximum


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