KW-800-XB400 safety webbings harness webbings continuous dyeing machine

Item No. KW-800-XB400

it's a kind of KW-800-XB400 safety webbings, harness webbings continuous dyeing machine, it also can dye luggage and suitcase belt,safety webbings,lanyard ribbons and so on! our patent.


Application: The  dyeing machine is widely used for dyeing harness webbings,  safety webbings(belt) automobile webbings, lanyard ribbons, satin ribbons and so on with thickness of below 1.5mm

high efficiency
energy saving
our patent

2)Production capacity:1-12pcs/time,0-35meter/min/pcs.

Heat Systemelectrical  |LPG or natural gas  |steam
Working Width(mm)200|400600
Thermofixation Chamber Tape Content(m)45|6060|80
Maximun Speed(m)15|3040
Maximun Number(m)6|1020
Control SystemManual    | computer control( PLC & Touch screen)

2)Processes: Feed in  →dyeing padder→infrared  predrying → thermofixation chambers → chemical padder→steam chamber →washing tanks → chemical padder→ drying and finishing cylinders →cool system→take off


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